Bangkok Red Line for State Railway of Thailand

Manufacturer Hitachi Rail, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries,. Ltd. And others 
Built for State Railway of Thailand (SRT)
Route SRT Bangkok Red Line
Product type Rolling Stock: AT-1000/AT-2000
Year ordered, delivered or shipped Consortium of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd, Hitachi Rail and Sumitomo Corporation (MHSC) signed the Contract in 2016 Rolling Stock Delivery started in 2019
Launch of commercial operations Started commercial operations in 2021

In 2016, MHSC (Mitsubishi-Hitachi-Sumitomo Consortium) signed a contract with State Railway of Thailand (SRT) for Bangkok Red Line project to design and build an Electric and Mechanical (E&M) system, as a full turn-key package including Trackwork, Power Distribution System, Signalling system, Communication system, Automatic Fare Collection System, Depot Equipment, Rolling Stocks. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is responsible for design and procurement of railway systems other than rolling stocks as a technical leader, Hitachi Rail is responsible for design and procurement of 25 trainsets (130 cars) of aluminum alloy lightweight rolling stock, and Sumitomo Corporation is responsible for security & IT system and other miscellaneous work in addition to administration work as a commercial leader. This railway system applies meter gauge and can be operated, with 3 minutes headway. Maximum speed of the rolling stocks is 160 km/h.
This project is one of the large-scale projects backed by Thai government, and elevated railway lines were constructed from Bang Sue Grand Station in the centre of Bangkok to 26.4 km North until Ransit Station and 14.6 km west until Taling Chan Station. Civil construction work of the North Line was financed by Japanese Yen Loan, and civil construction work of the West Line was financed by Thai government however, whole railway system except Track work of West line was designed and constructed by MHSC.
Both North line and West line have extension projects in near future.


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