Privacy Policy

October 16, 2008

Japan Overseas Railway System Association (JORSA) always properly manages and uses information specific to individuals ("personal information") that it collects during the course of its business activities, and always abides by laws and ordinances governing the management and use of personal information.

1) Use of Personal Information

JORSA will use the personal information it collects only as required for the purposes of the business activities stated below:

  • a) To send invitations for meetings, lectures and the like organized by JORSA;
  • b) To send invitations for meetings, lectures and the like organized by JORSA in collaboration with another entity, or sponsored or supported by JORSA;
  • c) To compile lists of names and organizations for the above a) and b) purposes;
  • d) To send JORSA periodicals and other printed materials; e) To send out questionnaires.

2) Provision of Personal Information

JORSA will not use collected personal information for purposes beyond the scope specified above, except in any of the following cases:

  • a) When it uses or provides the information with the individual's consent;
  • b) When it uses or provides the information in order to comply with a law or ordinance;
  • c) When it uses or provides information that is already in the public domain due to previous publication, reporting or the like;
  • d) When it uses or provides the information in circumstances deemed urgent and unavoidable, in order to protect the life or person of the individual or the security of the individual's assets.

3) Management of Personal Information

JORSA will strictly manage collected personal information within the scope of the purposes specified above, will prevent unauthorized access to it, its loss, destruction, falsification, leakage and the like, will take corrective measures to ensure this, and will implement appropriate security measures such as thorough employee training and the development of systems limiting access.

If JORSA consigns the handling of collected personal information to an outside entity, it will also ensure that the said entity abides by JORSA's by-laws, rules and regulations, and, through contractual agreements or the like, it will ensure that the said entity fully implements security controls for the personal information.

4) Viewing Personal Information, Corrections and Deletions

When JORSA receives from the individual a request to view their own personal information in JORSA's possession, or to correct or delete the said information, JORSA will show the information to the individual, correct it if it is wrong, and delete it if such a request is made.

5) Contact Coordinates for Inquiries and Requests

The office below may be contacted regarding the handling of personal information in JORSA's possession, and for requests to view, correct, delete or otherwise handle the said information.

Administration Department:
JORSA's main email address:
Tel: 03-3201-3145(if dialing from outside Japan: +81-3-3201-3145)


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