"Eno-Den" Light Rail in Twilight Kamakura,a clasical train system in historical city

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Eno-den is now-a-days a very popular local train system in Kamakura for many tourists especially young travelers from China, but it has been serving as a vital transportation system between Kamakura city, Enoshima, and Fujisawa city for a long time.
The line runs between tips of the roof of houses along with the route, a sort of an amazing run for a train service in residential area, and is extended to a beautiful ocean front line where a spectacular view to Enoshima, Mount Fuji and coast line with many surfers who do not go into water on rough wavy days.....
The photo presented here is a part of downtown area in Kamakura city where Eno-den goes through a grade crossing during sun down to twilight. This is a part of urban fabric in Kamakura where old capital (in 12th century) atmosphere and a today’s real human lives are blended together. Now as a resident in Kamakura, I enjoy seeing this blended faces of Kamakura today. Come and enjoy Kamakura!
Location; Yuigahama street crossing
August 24, 2019


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