Hitachi Nico Transmission Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

Company Name Hitachi Nico Transmission Co., Ltd.
Representative Masanori Katayama
Established April 1, 2003
[Formerly Niigata Converter Co., Ltd.(1952)]
Employees 525
Head Office 405-3 Yoshinocho 1-chome, Kita-ku, Saitama, 331-0811 Japan
Manufacturing Facilities, Branches and Subsidiaries Factory : Omiya Plant (Saitama-Prefecture), Kamo Plant (Niigata-Prefecture)
Office : Saitama (For overseas), Osaka, Sapporo, Fukuoka
CapitalJPY 450 million
Net SalesJPY 17.2 billion (As of March 31, 2019)


Since 1952 when our predecessor company "Niigata converter" started operation, we extensively have contributed to society through our products for mainly Japanese railway business. 

Our products for railways are Power-shift transmission, Final drive gearbox and etc for DHMU, DHL, and working vehicles by diesel engine drive. 

In the history of about 70 years, our products have not only been adopted with a high share in the domestic market, but also for all over the world(Asia, Oceania, Europe, South America and etc). 

We continue eŽorts to develop the rail industry around the world by supplying our optimal products in accordance with customer's requirements and regional characteristics in its operating areas.

Products and Services

Power-shift Transmission [TACN-series]

[Feature] Underfloor installation
[Application] DHMU or Working vehicle
[Range] Approx. 180 ~ 600kW
[Remarks] High-eŽfficiency (Direct-clutch)

Power-shift Transmission【TDCN-series】

[Feature] Drop box-type
[Application] DHL or Working vehicle
[Range] Approx. 100 ~ 1000kW
[Remarks] Easy-to-mount PTO

Topics・Characteristic examples

  • 100% share in Japanese market (DHMU)
  • "HAST" World's first Parallel Hybrid Transmission for railways
  • Hybrid transmission
    TACHN : Underfloor installation
    TDCHN : Drop box-type
  • Use for special purpose vehicle
    Multiple tie tamper, Rail carrier, Catenary maintenance vehicle, etc.

[Various options]
Special products in accordance with customer's requirements PTO, Multiple-disc brake, Hydraulic retarder brake, Constant speed control

Working vehicle (China) : Hybrid transmission