Company Profile

As of April 2021
Representative Hajime Takahashi, President and CEO
URL http://www.d-cast.jp
Established 1-Apr-02
Employees 556 people (company-wide)
Head Office 10 Ryugucho, Minato-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
Manufacturing Facilities, Branches and Subsidiaries Nagoya Business Unit, Nakatsugawa Business Unit, Tokyo Sales Office, Nagoya Sales Office, Fukuoka sales office
Capital2,215 million yen (company-wide)
Net Sales16,144 million yen (company-wide)


This year, Daido's CAST MANGANESE STEEL crossing is celebrating its 100th anniversary.

Until the 1980s, we have had experience exporting the crossing to countries in southeast Asia in the past, including China, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, North America, Australia, Europe, and Africa. However, since then, we have mainly focused more on sales in the domestic market and improvements on QCDS.

Then, in 2002, we separated from Daido Steel as a subsidiary company specializing in the casting of steel products. And for the last 10 years, we have participated in an ODA-based railway infrastructure export project organized around the Japanese government, thus, increasing the number of indirect export. Our goal in the future is to approach new customers overseas and export our products directly to them. We aim to continuously contribute to world social prosperity by rapidly progressing to new markets.

Products and Services

(1) The Cast Manganese Steel crossing

High manganese steel has both charactersitics of hardening of the surface layer and keeping the inner part tough. These characteristics are taken advantage of to make the product wear resistant, impact resistant, and crack resistant. Our company has customers such as Japan Railway, private railway manufacturers, turnout manufacturers,and many other customers. Above all, every crossing for japanese bullet trains, the Shinkansen, that are used are, 100 percent, made by Daido Castings, thus the reliability is highly regarded.

By using a connection method that eliminates the space between normal rail tracks, allows it to control noise and shaking and allows people to ride the train comfortably. Right now, we are trying to improve on life span of the CMS crossing and accelerating the trains with this product.


(2) Centrifugal Casting

 In the Nagoya business unit, we also make products by centrifugal casting. We use diverse material for our centrifugal casting such as corrosion resistant steel and heat resistant steel. Not only that, but we can also take small lot orders for industrial machinery companies and other customers. Therefore, we focus on looking for niche products for this casting method. We use a proposal based selling method for centrifugally casted products. By using this selling method, we are able to change products that use other manufactuing methods such as straight seam pipes into centrifugal casting tubes and can propose better quality and better priced products according to requests by customers.


(3) Precision casting/DLCC casting

In the Nakatsugawa business unit, we use our own decompression suction casting. By using this method, we are able to make thin layer and complex shaped precision casted/DLCC casted products. We mainly do mass-production of heat resistant parts like turbine wheels and turbine housings for turbo chargers. Automated equipment are used for the mass-prodution. After the production, we sell them out to the world. Also for titanium precision casting, we are the first to use levitation melting/decompression suction casting for production.



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