Marubeni Corporation

Company Profile

Company Name Marubeni Corporation
Representative Masumi Kakinoki
President and CEO, Member of Board
Established December 1, 1949
Employees 4,418
(Excluding 1,900 overseas local employees)
Head Office Tokyo Nihombashi Tower, 7-1, Nihonbashi 2-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 103-6060, Japan
Manufacturing Facilities, Branches and Subsidiaries 136 branches and off€ices in 6 7 countries and regions, consisting of 12 domestic branches and off€ices, 57 overseas branches and o€ices and 29 overseas corporate subsidiaries with 67 o€ices
CapitalJPY 262 billion *
Total AssetsJPY 6,809 billion *
Net AssetsJPY 2,071 billion *
Net SalesJPY 7,401 billion *
Operating IncomeJPY 173 billion *


Our railway business commenced with the export of products supplied by Japanese manufacturers, but we have expanded our business field and now engage in the delivery of all railway systems in a whole package including signaling, communication and power such as Roca Line Electrification in Argentina (45km/21stns) and Busan Subway Line No. 1 in Korea (40km/40stns), which were completed in 1980’ s, and have been contributing to develop transport infrastructure in Asia, Latin America and Middle East. We also have strengthened cooperation with Japanese manufacturers and operators, and we are participating in not only the railway system supply but the maintenance business such as Bangkok MRT Purple Line in Thailand (21km/16stns). Besides, we are contributing to the modernization of national railway in Myanmar through supply of railway systems and executing various contracts in Bangladesh, Philippines and so on. We are also actively involved in PPP projects such as Gold Coast Light Rail (20km/19stns) and Sydney Metro North West (35km/13stns) in Australia, and have achieved as a comprehensive railway operator from construction to operation and maintenance. Regardless of country or region, not only introduction of environmentally friendly railway systems, but the solution for energy saving and operational and maintenance e–iciency of existing systems are neccesitated to realize a sustainable society.

We will respond to the needs of society as a total solution provider in the field of public transport, applying the know-how we have amassed through our experiences in various projects.

Bangkok MRT Purple Line in Thailand (21km/16stations)
Taoyouan International Airport Access MRT System in Taiwan(51km/22stations)
Dubai Palm Jumeirah Monorail in UAE(5.5km/2stations)
Supply of new EMU to IFE, National Railway in Venezuela(41km/4stations)


Marubeni Corporation

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