Yutaka Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

* : As of March 31, 2019
Company Name Yutaka Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Representative Keiichi Matsumoto
URL http://yutaka-ss.co.jp/en/
Established September 8, 1948
Employees 171
Head Office Kenzaki-machi, Takasaki-shi, Gunma 370-0883 Japan
Manufacturing Facilities, Branches and Subsidiaries Takasaki City (Head Office, Plant)
Ota-ku, Tokyo (Tokyo Sales Office)
Kita-ku, Osaka City (Osaka Sales Office)
CapitalJPY 99 million *
Total AssetsJPY 5,721 million *
Net AssetsJPY 4,063 million *


Since our founding in 1948, we at Yutaka Manufacturing have shouldered a share in the building of social infrastructure, such as traffic and power lines, as a specialized manufacturer of electronic components, notably the jumper coupler used in railroad cars.

Starting our business with manufacture of wiring couplers for railway cars, we have developed and manufactured Japan's first domestically produced multi-contact three-phase high-voltage jumper coupler, automatic train coupling and uncoupling system that automatically performs splitting and merging operations of trains, as well as compact and lightweight one-touch connectors, all of which making use of our own independent technology. And most recently, we have developed and delivered connectors and electric automatic couplers compatible with railway ethernets, for operation on lines open for traffic.

Overseas, we have many achievements from high-speed vehicles to urban transportation in each country such as China, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Middle East, USA.

In the future, guided by our principles of Customer Reliance, Unwavering Effort, and Reliance of Society, we aim to become a unique enterprise recognized worldwide. We boldly face this challenge, unified as one.


Yutaka Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

JRE Omori-Eki Higashiguchi Building 7F
1-5-1, Omorikita, Ohta-ku, Tokyo, Japan
TEL: 03-5763-9091 (When dialing from outside Japan: +81-3-5763-9091)
Fax: 03-5763-9094 (when dialing from outside Japan: +81-3-5763-9094)